About us

Samson is one of the most experienced and dedicated shipping companies in St. Petersburg. For 27 years, we have been conducting tours of the city's rivers and canals.

We are part Of the Association of passenger ship owners with other industry professionals. In 1993, we had one small boat. Today – 14 ships, from the veteran fleet "Always ready" to the super-maneuverable "Samson", a giant in its class.

We operate on four berths in the heart of the city. Excursions depart from the main tourist points: Anichkov bridge, the House of books, the spilled Blood, Kazan Cathedral.

The flow of guests never stops, and we never get tired of guests. Only live guides work with them – the best of those who will tell you about the history and beauty of St. Petersburg.

Excursions along the Neva river, Moika, Fontanka will affect both the front part of St. Petersburg, familiar from postcards, and no less interesting sights of the inner districts of the Center. Petersburg's secrets and best views are at your disposal.

Our ships "Sierra" and "Samson" are not only fast and convenient. Unlike most river trams, they are able to walk along the complex winding Griboyedov canal without interference. Thus, our fleet can create a perfect route along the rivers and channels of St. Petersburg, getting to know the city thoroughly.

Samson will continue to grow and develop, still choosing only the best ships, berths, history and excursions. Because we do not regret the best for our customers, residents and guests of the city. You are the one who inspires us all this time.

Read a detailed story about the routes of our excursions, as well as learn about the possibilities of renting a boat. Book seats on the site-it's cheaper. Come to our berths in the center of St. Petersburg and stay with us!